2020 Migration Reporting Award

Story: Repatriated Yet Not Reintegrated written by Alagie Manneh, published in The Standard on Dec. 31 2019 –

Read the story from HERE

Judges’ Comments

The story is newsworthy: It highlights the challenges faced by returnees who go pass the age of 35 and where they can benefit from reintegration programs. The story sought adequate sources for the article. Therefore, much accuracy was sought. The grammar is decent, the style of writing was not too professional in some instances, perhaps writer wanted to add humour. Presentation was too long. The story is a good attempt to stay original, looking into reintegration gaps and desperation and causes of irregular migration. The story is relevant in allowing the public to see the challenges and yet existing desperation and societal burden young people face with very limited support. The government and stakeholders can see from a story like this the needs for more efforts towards existing gaps in tackling irregular migration.

This category saw two story disqualifications: both stories were found to be in breach of submission rules. One was rejected because it was considered to be a product of a foreign media outlet and the other was published on a platform outside The Gambia.

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