2020 Investigative and Features Writing Award

Story: Gambia: D1.8 billion project awarded without duediligence by Mustapha K. Darboe published in Kerr Fatou on 29.09.2019

Read the story HERE. 

Judges’ Comments

Overall, ten submissions were entered for this category. All of the entries were beautifully written with a futuristic character, but no investigation done. For example, most of the stories wrote about an interesting topic and presented it in feature form but the information contained therein are obtain from open sources or some random interviews. This is not considered to be investigative reporting. 


The winning entry has both feature and investigative characteristics and found to be worthy of an award. The angling is very accurate and thoughtful. The story is also newsworthy considering significant public funds have been ‘inappropriately’ spent without due diligence.


It gave lots of direct quotations and provides many useful documentary evidences. The grammar and style of presentation is good and clear. The story is investigative, very original in context and scope. It is considered to be of great public benefit. Taxpayers money to the tune of billion Dalasis spent with ‘inappropriately’ This story delves into state misuse of public funds and potentials for corruption.

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