Appointment of Host Broadcaster/Media: Call for Expression of Interest

The National Journalism Awards 2020 is scheduled to take place on 24th October 2020. This year’s event is planned to be a virtual ceremony due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions on social gatherings. The virtual ceremony is expected to broadcast live on TV and online.


The GPU awards committee is inviting bids from broadcast organisations for an official Host Broadcaster/Media of the event. The Host Broadcaster/Media shall be responsible among other things for the production and distribution of multimedia content, and provide basic audio-visual feeds to media outlets for live broadcast. 

The Host Broadcaster/Media will be supervised by the GPU awards committee which has the mandate to approve the broadcast of the proceedings. The host broadcaster/media is expected to install audio visual equipment such as cameras and sound devices at the location(s) of the ceremony for a complete coverage of the event.

The Host Broadcaster/Media is expected to have the resources to produce a virtual event and these include and not limited to

1.     The ability to broadcast from at least two different locations simultaneously.

2.     The ability to simultaneously provide multiple live clean uninterrupted audio visual feeds to media organisations intending to broadcast the event.

3.     The ability to link online to other locations using platforms such as skype, Watsapp or any other appropriate online platforms 

The Roles of the Host Broadcaster/Media are as follows


1.     Provide Live clean feeds of video and/or Audio to any TV or Radio Station for live broadcast of the GPU awards ceremony with the GPU awards logo on the feed at all times.

2.      Provide High quality recorded Video or Audio to TV, Radio and online media platforms for rebroadcast.

3.     Provide High quality recorded Video and Audio as archive material for the GPU awards committee.

4.      Provide Video and Audio Feed to and from participants of the ceremony remotely using internet platforms.

5.     Live Stream the GPU awards ceremony through the GPU awards official website, Facebook page and YouTube.

6.     Provide pre-recorded videos including category announcements, nominee interviews, intro animations and live coverage

All bids shall be submitted submitted to this email address: [email protected] no later than 2pm, on Friday 9th October 2020. 

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