Jarra cham and Alieu Jallow

Alieu Jallow

Media House: The Fatu network

Story title: Challenges of Women Gadners in Access Water in Ndemban Tender

Alieu is a self-motivated young leading working with communities in bringing about development. He has worked with different people across the country and beyond registering numerous successes along the way. His setbacks or shortcomings do not define him, it motivates him to reach to the ultimate goal.

He has a strong passion for volunteerism and influencing social change in local communities as he brands himself as “That of The Community”


Coming from an underprivileged family in the rural Gambia, he survived through abject Poverty to become a strong and passionate young man striving towards fighting poverty and corruption through advocacy and the power of the media.


Having taught as a qualified teacher for over 6 years in both primary, upper and senior secondary school,

 Alieu quit the teaching to focus on his Journalism career as part of fulling his childhood dream and passion for journalism.  His experience in journalism has opening him to embrace new innovations that have great bearing in the lives of the people he reports for thus registering significant impacts.


Alieu is the current Secretary General of the United States Exchange Program Alumni Network The Gambia executive board a network of young vibrant leaders who benefited from US state department programs In Africa and the United States of America.  Jallow is an international trained and certified young leader in civic leadership who continues to working with communities in bring about change by amplifying voices especially the marginalised groups and women.


Alieu worked as senior reporter for the Trumpet newspaper and Paradise TV before joining the Fatu network.

Jarra Cham

 Jarra Cham is a first-year student at the University of The Gambia, School of Journalism and Digital Media. She holds an Advanced Diploma in Journalism and Communication from the Media Academy for Journalism and Communication -MAJaC.

Jarra has a reasonable experience in the media, reporting more on agriculture, migration and rural development.  She is an award-winning freelance/Student Journalist.

Jarra won the 2021 GPU Migration Reporting Award.

Recently,  she took part in a CFI Migration Reporting project where she participated in producing two Podcast episodes on migration.

Jarra currently works as an Administrative Assistant at MAJaC.

As a rural kid driven by passion and commitment,  she has always advocated for equal opportunity for rural communities.  This led her to the conceptual initiation of "The Rural Eye" a platform that brings to light the struggles of rural communities and the way forward to development through effective rural reporting.