Pa Modou Cham

Story or Article Title: Gambia's Groundnut Trade Value Depreciates Due to Aflatoxin

Brief Bio:

Pa Modou Cham known as Journalist PM Cham is an award-winning senior Gambian journalist who has over eight years of experience in the field of Journalism. Cham worked with The Monitor Newspaper as a senior reporter and Sen FM Radio as an English News presenter.

Cham is now a senior reporter with The Point Newspaper and the Editor in Chief of CTV Africa. Cham holds a certificate and diploma in Journalism. He barged a Certificate in Investigative Journalism from the University of The Gambia and an advanced diploma in Digital Media. Journalist PM Cham is an accredited trainer on Digital Media, Filming, and Photography by the National Accreditation and Quality Assurance Authority (NAQAA).

He has numerous certificates ranging from Business and Financial Reporting, Dissemination, Disaster Risk Reduction, Leadership, Security Sector Reform, Gender, and more. Cham is also the Director, Writer, and producer of Gamstars Movie Production and obtained film and directing courses with Afrigod Film School and Weltfilme. He has traveled to several countries for capacity building in Journalism and has also taken part in decision-making processes for Africa and the world.

Cham prevailed to deliver a statement at the Trade Law Centre during the day marked for the celebration of the African Integration in South Africa and recently signed the declaration of Peace Cities in Nouakchott on behalf of The Gambia.