Momodou Gagigo

STORY TITLE: Expensive fertilizer, too much rain: Farmers begin to despair over this year’s harvest.



Momodou Gagigo, 29 pursued Mass Communication and Digital Media at Stratford College of Management, Certified Cisco Network Associate (CCNA) at Gambia Telecommunication and Multimedia Institute, Momodou also pursued an A plus at the India institute of technology.

Momodou Gagigo is a Gambian journalist, producer and an IT consultant working with star FM/TV the Gambia.

He started his journalism career as an intern at Sen FM radio in 2018, later employed as a communication officer for capital Express, and an IT consultant for various offices. Mr. Gagigo Later joint Star FM/ TV for a six months internship program, where he was exposed on television production and reporting he later secured employment on 1st July 2020.

During his tenure with Star TV, he proved to be an exceptionally talented, dedicated intern who consistently exceeded the institution’s expectations, his

passion for journalism and his drive to excel were evident in every aspect of his work.

Momodou, quickly integrated himself into the Star Tv newsroom and technical production team plus his keen interest for media work instincts the ability to identify opportunities where others sees as challenges, and his craft compelling

narratives were truly impressive. 

However, Mr. Gagigo demonstrated a deep understanding of the principles of accurate and ethical reporting in his stories which are the cardinal principles of journalism and media work.

One of Gagigo's outstanding qualities is his commitment to exploratory reporting, tacking complex and often sensitive subjects with tenacity and professionalism.

In addition to his reporting skills, Momodou Gagigo exhibited exceptional interpersonal and teamwork abilities. His collaboration with colleagues has

seemingly contributed to a positive and collaborative atmosphere in the world of broadcast especially in the institution he serve.

Momodou’s commitment to accuracy, ethics, and the pursuit of truth embodies the core principles of the art of informing and educating.

Growing up on a traditional, upland, family, having understanding the rural farming system it reflects in his news articles as the desire to share the stories and experiences of rural communities with urban audiences proved to be the center stone of his work in this noble art of journalism.