Nyima Sillah

Title: Child Labour, a recipe for child sex exploitation in Gambia

The Voice Newspaper

Ms. Nyima Sillah is a former student at the School of Media Academy for Journalism and Communication. She is currently furthering online at The London School of Journalism in The U.K.

She works as a print journalist and the sub-editor at The Voice newspaper. She reports on wide range of topics including environment and climate change, health issues, politics, women & children, migration, human trafficking etc.

Nyima is very passionate about media work and the crucial role it plays in shaping our society. She is a fellow of journalist for human rights, African women in the media, global health, She-climate, TAF global Leadership, West Africa institute for financial and economic management and other related fellowships.

Nyima has been awarded certificates for community development in health volunteering services, environment, and youth matters amongst others.