Famara Fofana

Judging Panel (Chairman)

Famara Fofana is a Gambian journalist, writer, and communications professional adept at creative storytelling across radio, television, online and print.

With a strong editorial background, content development, and demonstrated history in international development work, he has over the years been instrumental in conducting voluntary media clinics and coaching for both aspiring and practicing journalists, notably school press clubs in different parts of The Gambia.

In terms of professional training, Famara underwent an international course in Parliamentary Reporting at the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ), Media and Conflict Reporting at the Cairo Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution in Egypt, Documentary Writing/Production in Kenya courtesy of Canal France International (CFI) as well as in Motion Pictures Art rolled out by UNESCO and National Centre for Arts and Culture for a group of Gambian filmmakers.

Famara Fofana has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism and Digital Media from the University of The Gambia and a Master of Arts in Media and Communications Studies from the Graduate School of Social Sciences, Ankara University, Turkey.